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School History

School: Saint Mary's College of California

School: Old Dominion University

School: Florida Institute of Technology

School: Cornell University

School: St.Croix Country Day School

Work History

Title: Account Executive

Company: Rogue Method

Start: 112

Title: Director of Professional Sevices

Company: Pharmacy Computer Services, Inc.

Start: 110

End: 111

Title: Director of Client Relations

Company: Pharmacy Computer Services Inc.

Start: 109

End: 110

Title: Implementation Manager

Company: WorkforceLogic

Start: 106

End: 108

Title: Founder

Company: Ondonte Dental Staffing

Start: 105

End: 106

Title: Owner

Company: Doctor of Dental Computing

Start: 101

End: 106

Title: Western Region IT Manager

Company: Transcentive

Start: 100

End: 101

Title: Consultant

Company: Serra Systems

Start: 99

End: 100

Title: Account Executive, Business Development, Project Manager

Reputation Score
Reputation Score

Additional Info about this match includes:

Work History

Title: Supervisor

Company: Chubb & Son, Inc.

Title: Supervisor

Company: Chubb & Son

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