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School History

School: Clemson University

School: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Work History

Title: Scientist

Company: Los Alamos National Laboratory

Start: 114

Title: R&D Staff

Company: Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Start: 109

End: 114

Title: Research Aid

Company: Argonne National Laboratory

Start: 105

End: 105

Title: Research Assistant

Company: Clemson University

Start: 104

End: 109

Title: Software Developer

Company: Stronghold Technologies

Start: 102

End: 103

Title: Contract Consultant

Company: TRW Systems

Start: 100

End: 101

Title: Systems Engineer

Company: Interadnet, Inc.

Start: 99

End: 100

Title: Software Engineer

Company: GTE Government Systems

Start: 98

End: 99

Title: Programmer

Company: SAS Institute

Start: 97

End: 98

Title: Tools Developer

Company: Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Company: ORNL

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