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School History

School: Leadership Holland

School: University of Michigan

School: University of Toledo

School: University, Davenport

Work History

Title: Treasurer, Secretary, Mechanical Engineering iTeam Leader and Customer Relationship Owner

Company: Disher Design & Development

Start: 101

End: 114

Title: Advisor

Company: Turning Pointe Ministry Board Member (Current)

Start: 111

End: 112

Title: Advisor

Company: Lakeshore Advantage Business Garden

Start: 107

End: 111

Title: Volunteer Board Member

Company: Ottawa County Workforce Development Board

Start: 106

End: 109

Title: Engineering Manager

Company: Steelcase

Start: 96

End: 101

Title: Product Development Financial Manager

Company: Johnson Controls Inc

Start: 96

End: 96

Title: Various Positions in Manufacturing, Finance and Engineering

Company: Prince Corporation

Start: 84

End: 96

Title: Disher Design & Development Officer

Previous Residents

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