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School History

School: New Jersey Institute of Technology

School: PC BHS

Work History

Title: Director, Global Infrastructure and Vendor Management

Company: D+M Group

Start: 113

Title: Senior Manager, Enterprise Architecture

Company: D+M Group

Start: 112

End: 113

Title: EVP / Chief Information Officer

Company: Scivantage

Start: 105

End: 112

Title: President

Company: Nova Corp, Inc

Start: 100

End: 105

Title: SVP Network and Hosting

Company: Qwest Communications (through acquisition)

Start: 99

End: 100

Title: SVP Communications and Hosting Services

Company: Icon CMT Corp. (acquired by Qwest Communications)

Start: 94

End: 100

Title: Manager, Network Services

Company: Data General

Start: 91

End: 94

Title: Senior Systems Engineer

Company: Data General

Start: 86

End: 91

Title: Software Development and Management

Company: Various Firms

Start: 76

End: 86

Title: EVP

Company: Scivantage

Deceased (previous) Residents

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