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School History

School: University of Phoenix

School: Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania

Work History

Title: Public Relations

Company: Abyssinian Baptist Church

Title: Web Developer

Company: Philadelphia Federation of Teachers Health and Welfare- Quest Professional Development

Start: 114

Title: Admissions Representative

Company: All-State Career School

Start: 113

End: 115

Title: Instructor

Company: Mt. Airy Learning Tree

Title: Admissions Representative

Company: Harris School of Business

Start: 110

End: 112

Title: Public Relations

Company: Monamittee Solutions

Start: 107

Title: Customer Care Specialist/Sales Assistant

Company: Staples, Inc

Start: 107

End: 109

Title: Partner Family

Company: Habitat for Humanity

Start: 106

End: 110

Title: Candlemaking Instructor

Company: Mt. Airy Learning Tree

Start: 102

Title: Account Executive

Company: FedEx Services

Start: 100

End: 107

Title: Owner

Company: monamittee candles

Start: 100

End: 112

Title: Administrative Manager

Company: FedEx Ground

Start: 94

End: 100

Title: Executive Director

Company: Success Outfitters

Title: Admissions Representative

Company: All-State Career School, Candlemaking Instructor at Mt. Airy Learning Tree

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